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HeroicStories Resources

HeroicStories salutes organizations and individuals working worldwide to "Make the World a Better Place".

Many of our stories touch on important, topical and lasting issues. Here we list resources provided by authors and readers to organizations working worldwide on these issues. We hope these resources will be valuable for you to use personally, to help other people, to network, or to get involved with organizations which work to assist others.

If you have a favorite on-line resource for any of the topics below, please email us at our Comments address.

HeroicStories #592: Then An Angel Appeared

Joyce's intro

HeroicStories #441: Archie and Abby

Archie and Abby told of a child who was being sexually abused. Her school's puppet show about sexual abuse gave her the courage to tell her parents what had been happening -- and her mom protected her from further abuse.

We were inspired when several readers spoke up and said they'd like to get involved in similar education and prevention efforts.

  • Child Protective Services - Child Abuse Hot Line (USA)
  • Though now retired, the woman who performed "Archie and Abby" is still in charge of the Child Abuse Prevention Council in Montgomery County, IN.
  • ReCAPP: Learning Activity - a lesson plan for "Helping a Friend Who Has Been Sexually Abused".
  • Good Touch, Bad Touch - a curriculum and set of training materials for teachers and parents.
  • The Stop it Now Resource Guide for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.
  • From Darkness to Light offers, among other things, the booklet: "7 Steps to Protecting Our Children from Sexual Abuse."
  • Yello Dyno - Professional & Parent Tools for the Prevention of Abduction, Bullies, Abuse, Drug Abuse, Internet Stalking and Violent Kids.
  • Books Beyond Words are picture books for adults with learning disabilities, explaining difficult issues which are often not talked about. "Bob Tells All" and "Jenny Speaks Out" are designed to enable a person to open up about their experience of sexual abuse. "Hug Me Touch Me" is about a woman learning what physical contact is and is not appropriate.
  • Women's Services, Inc. of Meadville, Pennsylvania, has an excellent curriculum available for working with children from preschool through 3rd grade. It includes a book, "Three Kinds of Touches", a video, and teaching curriculum. Women's Services, Inc., can be contacted at PO Box 637, Meadville PA 16335, Phone: 814-724-4637

Thanks to an Anonymous Mom in New Hampshire, Ruth in Pennsylvania, Sandy in Indiana, Cynthia in Oregon, Emily in the U.K., and to Barbara Feldman, syndicated columnist of "Surfing the Net with Kids" for several of the links above.

HeroicStories #425: When We Need Her Most

When We Need Her Most told the story of Kathleen, a caregiver who went above and beyond to help a family dealing with both Alzheimer's and a sudden grave illness.

  • The Alzheimer's Association is the definitive resource for individuals and families dealing with this devastating disease.
  • Alzheimer's Disease Education & Referral Center is a service of the National Institute on Aging
  • CareGivers.Com "Solutions for Better Aging" include references and many informational articles dealing with all aspects of aging and care giving.
  • Elder Care Online ... "is a beacon for people caring for aging loved ones ... committed to providing an online community where supportive peers and professionals help you improve quality of life for yourself and your elder."
  • The Eldercare Forum is an open discussion group for caregivers, family, elders and others that the author of When We Need Her Most found particularly helpful.
  • Most states or other government agencies have a department responsible for monitoring nursing homes and other long term care alternatives. In Washington State, the Long Term Care Ombudsman fills this role. Please remember it can be very important to seek references for any facility or service you might use to care for an elder.
  • ARCH National Respite Network is a U.S. national Respite organization. Folks involved in respite give a much-needed break to caretakers of all kinds: those of the elderly, handicapped, foster families, and more.
The author's mother passed away two months prior to publication of When We Need Her Most. In-home hospice care provided by her HMO was particularly helpful and supportive. Hospice Net is a national resource with much information for families, caregivers and those in need of hospice care. Other resources include The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and Hospice Web.

Thank you to Leo in Washington and Susan in Florida for recommending some of the links above.

HeroicStories #388: Benjamin's Trip

In Benjamin's Trip a 10 year old boy with an uncommon form of dwarfism, SED, is given the chance to meet other children with dwarfism at the Little People of America (LPA) annual conference.

  • A young woman with SMD has created a website, which is filled with practical information for those who have SED, SMD or Kniest (other forms of dwarfism).
  • Information about all types of dwarfism can also be found at the LPA website.

Thank you to Laura in Louisiana for recommending some of the links above.

HeroicStories #360: Online Lifeline

In Online Lifeline the author, a 75-year-old widow with failing eyesight, told of her troubles getting an particular device to work for listening to audio books, and the assistance she received from a complete stranger who made it work.

Many readers sent us links to sites and organizations relating to audio books and sight issues in general.

Thank you to Judi in California, Michael in Tennessee, Heidi in Pennsylvania, Penny in Arkansas, Kathleen in Washington, David in Kentucky for recommending some of the links above.

HeroicStories #359: Safe Again

Safe Again recounted the abduction of Anna and Emily Nunez, and their eventual return due to the diligent work of an investigative reporter.

Thank you to Maryann, Catherine, Sharon for recommending some of the links above.

HeroicStories #353: Gifts Beyond Price

In Gifts Beyond Price the author, a Vietnam veteran, recounted a visit to The Wall in Washington D.C. by participants from "The Bamboo Bridge" weekend -- a group of soldiers who made it home -- and their encounter with an anonymous woman who thanked them for their wartime service.

We received several pointers to both resources for veterans as well as sites paying tribute to their service.

Please feel free to pass the specific URL for this section of HeroicStories Resource Page on to anyone you think would benefit from it:

Thank you to Richard in Missouri, Deborah, Resha in Washington, Jan and Tom in Ohio for recommending some of the links above.

And of course Thank You to our veterans and those in the armed forces for putting themselves on the line every day protecting our freedoms.

HeroicStories #309: Talk With Bob and Be Honest

Talk With Bob told the story of a man who became addicted to crack cocaine. Things got so bad he decided to kill himself, but turned to Bob for help instead. Bob found the author a long-term treatment program, and he is now in successful recovery.

We asked our readers for their recommended resources relating to addiction.

Please feel free to pass the specific URL for this section of HeroicStories Resource Page on to anyone you think would benefit from it:

Thank you to Marilyn in British Columbia, Canada, Peter and Mary for recommending some of the links above.

HeroicStories #298: The Pen

The Pen told the story of a woman who gained the courage to leave a deteriorating abusive relationship -- through support and help from her friend.

Readers have recommended various resources relating to domestic violence -- verbal, emotional, or physical. These include: how to identify it, understand it, determine if you are involved, how to deal with it, as well as discussion areas and resources for help.

Please feel free to pass the specific URL for this section of HeroicStories Resource Page on to anyone you think would benefit from it:

Thank you to Karen in Nevada, Kathie in Michigan, and Samuel in Oregon for recommending some of the links above.

HeroicStories #283: Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue recounted the author's experience with depression and the encouragement she received when a friend also battling the disease called 'out of the blue'.

Reader recommended resources for depression and related issues:

Thank you to Meredith in Massachusetts, Jan in Australia, Alice in Oregon, Kathy in Florida and Kathy in Washington for recommending some of the links above.

HeroicStories #278: A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember described some of the challenges faced by a child with disabilities, and the positive impact one such young person had on the author.

We've received several recommendations from readers for more information on this important topic.

  • Parents With Disabilities has a nice set of links under Rights/Advocacy. Navigating the site itself will show some personal stories of families breaking the "mythical rules" for PWD's [People With Disabilities]: don't marry, don't have sex, don't have children.
  • Paralyzed Veterans of America
  • ADAPT an advocacy group working "so people with disabilities can live in the community with real supports".
  • The Access Board a federal agency committed to accessible design.
  • TASH is an "international association of people with disabilities, their family members, other advocates, and professionals fighting for a society in which inclusion of all people in all aspects of society is the norm."
  • is an organization for Illinois residents operating the federally mandated Protection & Advocacy System.
Meredith in Florida wrote in: "Karen in Montana wrote, 'I would encourage everyone to learn just a little about Disability Rights....' Wow, that opened my eyes! Thank you for making me think, Karen. I would like to ask HeroicStories readers for a brutally honest favor: a straightforward FAQ for clueless people like me."

In response, several readers send links to some of their favorite sites addressing this issue.

Our thanks to Karen in Montana, Amber in Illinois, Michele in Ontario who provided several of the links above.

Amber also mentioned the heroes she sees every day participating in the Special Olympics. You can find out more about the Special Olympics here.

HeroicStories #269: Mirror Image

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition brought about by circumstances often not under an individual's control. HeroicStories "Mirror Image" (#269) dealt with the author's ongoing trauma caused by an unprovoked act of violence which left scars on his neck. In fact, the story told how the author was able to overcome the trauma, substituting positive memories from his past on the advice of his doctor.

Resources for dealing with PTSD include:

Most of these sites contain references to even more online PTSD resources.

HeroicStories #258: The Waiting Room

Cancer Resources

There are a tremendous number of on-line resources related to both breast and prostate cancer, the two cancers mentioned in The Waiting Room. Rather than list numerous individual organizations, you can go to the following sections of Google or Yahoo for listings:

The American Cancer Society has a tremendous amount of information on cancer of all kinds.

HeroicStories #256: Get Busy
HeroicStories #448: An Unexpected Reward

Organizations Working World Wide to end Bullying in the School and Work Environment

If you're a kid these links can help you or friends with this problem:

If you're a parent or involved with kids, try these links:

Adult Bullying is an issue also. Try these links:

As a result of An Unexpected Reward, readers also suggested the following resources for building and promoting a healthier, more positive environment:

  • Operation Respect: Don't Laugh at Me works to transform schools, camps and organizations focused on children and youth, into more compassionate, safe and respectful environments. Founded by Peter Yarrow of the folk group Peter, Paul & Mary.
  • Operation Respect is the website for the chapter in Connecticut.
  • Character Counts! is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian coalition of schools, communities and nonprofit organizations working to advance character education by teaching trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

Our thanks to Clive in Texas, Paul in Maryland, and Jason in Canada, who provided several of the links above.

HeroicStories #251: Testifying
HeroicStories #254: The Woman Named Love

We received the following list of great links from Susan in Florida.

  • Abusenet - This site provides information on Florida's Child Protection Teams and services provided through this association, such as supervision, peer review, second opinions and consultation for sexual abuse and assault cases as well as other types of cases. These services are available to physicians and nurse practitioners in the state of Florida.
  • - Assistance for adopting children, information on how to adopt, domestic adoption, special-needs-adoption, crisis pregnancy, international adoption, open adoption, pregnant, birth mother, birth family, adoptee information, surrogacy, search adoptive, etc.
  • Child Abuse Prevention Network - A network of information for professionals in the field of child abuse and neglect and one of the most comprehensive national web sites regarding child abuse and neglect. This site provides information on issues related to child abuse and neglect, reading materials, news, resource centers affiliated with the network and an opportunity to join the network email list.
  • Comeunity - Resources and parental support for families of children with disabilities and special needs. Includes information on various disabilities, adoptions of special needs children, international adoptions information, etc.
  • Florida Children's Services Council - Florida Children's Services Councils in Florida are officially created by action of a county government, and have a 10 member board, five which are appointed by the governor, five which are defined by the 1997 Florida Statutes, Section 125.901. Generally, the Florida statute authorizes juvenile welfare services related to the general well-being of children in the county. Programs and services may include school readiness, neighborhood development, prenatal care, prevention services and early intervention, youth development, and foster care review.
  • Florida Department of Children & Families - Organization that helps children, elderly citizens, individuals with disabilities or mental illness, and families in solving their problems and becoming better able to take care of themselves.
  • National Adoption Information Clearinghouse - a comprehensive resource on all aspects of adoption, including infant, intercountry, and special needs adoption.
  • Prevent Child Abuse America - Prevent Child Abuse America is committed to promoting legislation, policies and programs that help to prevent child abuse and neglect, support healthy childhood development, and strengthen families.
  • TEAM Florida Partnership - coordinates and develops opportunities for agencies and other partners to work cohesively to enhance the safety and well-being of Florida families and their children.
Thank you very much, Susan.

HeroicStories #234: Special Edition, 12 September 2000
HeroicStories #235: Remembering Their Smiles
HeroicStories #236: The Spirit of Service

How You Can Help

Donating Blood

Many of our readers have recommended blood donation -- not only in the wake of the 9-11 tragedy, but as something that is needed every day. Suggestions include:

  • Donating Blood via the Red Cross, if they serve your area.
  • If the Red Cross does not handle blood donation in your area of the United States, check out America's Blood Centers to find and contact the agency that does.
  • For readers outside the US, we have the following blood donation links for various countries: Australia, Canada, China, United Kingdom. (Know of the appropriate link for your country not listed here? Please let us know!)
  • Consider donating platelets or plasma through a process called apheresis. Apheresis donations can be made more frequently, and have the potential for helping more people, than regular blood donations. Check with your local blood center for more information.
  • Consider organizing a blood mobile visit to your school or place of work.
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HeroicStories #233: Strangers at a Rave

Facts about Ecstasy and its dangers

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