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Reader Comments

Some of the many, many comments we have received in response to HeroicStories:

  • "Without going into excessive detail about the nature of the heroism, HeroicStories allows the reader to actually think, rather than merely read. Thank you for running HS. It has changed everything in my life." --Chris, New Jersey

  • "Hi, my name is Jeff and I am 13 years old. At my age I am old enough to understand all the bad things I hear on the news. When a friend first told me about HeroicStories I thought that it might be kind of lame but I would subscribe anyway because it might be interesting. Well, interesting it is! I enjoy reading these stories because it is nice to read stuff that isn't all bad. 'HeroicStories' taught me that some people in this world are kind. I wish they would make a column for this in my local newspaper. I would like to thank you for publishing these stories because they really make a difference in my life. These stories inspire me, and make me want to be a better person." --Jeff, Connecticut

  • "HeroicStories is the sort of thing that makes me realize that there are still some good people left out there." --Dave, El Salvador

  • "HeroicStories is the best thing I have ever received in my mailbox. Thank you so much." --Brad, California

  • "Just want to let you know that I and my family enjoy HeroicStories even in these terrible times for our country and ourselves." --Sasha, Yugoslavia

  • "I just wanted to thank you and to point out that HeroicStories and This is True do a lot to make up for the litter in cyberspace. There's a LOT of garbage being thrown around; it's good to see that somebody cares enough to make sure that the gems don't get buried. Thanks for you work, and for sharing the attitude that makes your work worthwhile." --Ben, Wisconsin

  • "Having grown up since elementary school with 'Mr. Sulu's' real world niece, I thought it would be nice for her to read this issue [a copy of the story is here] and asked her to pass it on to 'Uncle George' (as we called him). I had met 'Uncle George' only once, but this story sounded very much like him. He was a very personable guy and treated everyone he met as a close friend. I'm sure George Takei would appreciate the fact that someone's life was so vastly affected by his personal interest in that person. We (me and my school buddies) will always remember him as the swashbuckling, bare chested swordsman in the Star Trek episode 'The Naked Time'." --Ronald, California

  • "When I first saw the idea for HeroicStories in the This is True column, I wasn't sure if I would feel like reading these stories as often as you were going to send them. But now, every time I receive a new story I take a few minutes of my morning to stop and read it. It definitely improves my day to hear about the wonderful side of humanity. Thanks for the stories!" --Bryan, Washington

  • "I am from Indonesia. I am a subscriber to your 'This is True' & 'HeroicStories'. Thank you for your great newsletter about peoples helping other. By providing the great HeroicStories for free, I think you're a hero too! Every day, I read the BAD story from newspapers or on radio and TV. (Are the newspapers, radios, TVs only for war or crime stories?) They make me sick. (and you know in what kind of country I am living... you can read that in those news.) Your HeroicStories are really different, inspired me to live better & happier." --Rudy, Indonesia

  • "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Last year my 20-year-old brother was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was killed by some punks whom I feel did not get enough jail time for his murder. My brother, whom I spoke to for hours at a time 5 days a week even though we lived only 20 minutes from each other, was closer to me than anyone in the world. Since his death I have been very bitter about humans in general and my faith, which has always been a rock, has been pushed to near extinction. Thanks to your 'HeroicStories' I am 'reluctantly' having to admit that humans can in fact be caring, loving, blessed people. You are forcing me to remember that I too have been blessed again and again, and I have met numerous heroes of my own. Thank you for helping to heal my pain. I do not yet see the world in rose color, but it is no longer black. It's kind of a purple now. Lots of love to you!!! Thanks again!!!!!!" --Tammy, Maryland

  • "I was surprised and touched to read 'Fionnuala's Swan Song', especially as I was about 3 lines in to it when I realized that the story was about a long-time family friend, a contemporary of my parents. Fionnuala was indeed a remarkable person -- what wasn't mentioned was the fact that although she was ill, often seriously so, for over half her quite brief life, somehow she rarely seemed so until the last couple of years. She wasn't brave, in the way people can talk about grim endurance as being brave -- she was courageous, funny, intelligent and a joy to be around. She didn't make a big deal about her illnesses. She told people how things were when they asked, because she knew they cared and wanted to know." --Dara, Ireland

  • "I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy 'HeroicStories'. It's so inspiring. I have to admit, I'm a *little* biased, so maybe that explains why I enjoy HeroicStories so much. See, I have a brain tumor, and it's taken away my hearing and sense of smell and left me with terrible balance and coordination. But I refuse to pay attention to statistics related this kind of tumor (an astrocytoma). Soon after it was discovered and first operated on, I read that astrocytoma patients live an average of five to six years after it's discovered. Sorry, but I refused to accept that I was going to be average. And I haven't. I'm convinced that what's good for the spirit is also good for the body, and it seems to be working." --Shawn, Maryland

  • "Yo Randy -- your HeroicStories are killing me! :-) I've been up to my eyes in several projects and out of town on others, so my email has built up. I just now sorted my email by sender and got to your HeroicStories. Almost every one brought tears to my eyes so that I had to wait until they cleared before reading the next one. This is taking way too long in another busy day." --Dave, Washington D.C.
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