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Comments by the Mainstream Media

Items are shown starting with the most recent. A source indicated more than once indicates more than one write-up.

If you have seen an article not listed here, please let us know!

  • "In the belief that it takes more effort and courage to be helpful, courteous and benevolent than it does to be dishonest and corrupt in today's world, HeroicStories is where you can read all about real men and women who are doing genuinely nice things." --Kim Kommando's Kool Sites

  • "Today's subject was suggested by a reader who said that a teacher friend of his was having difficulty finding material on heroes. Loving a challenge, I got right to work. HeroicStories: FIVE STARS ('Spectacular!')" --Barbara Feldman, Surfing the Net with Kids

  • "Inspirational newsletter that uplifts, inspires, and helps you with the process of living it today's world." --I Love My 'Puter by Cindy Robison

  • "What makes these stories special is that they are true and describe another reality than the ordinary media tells us about. Instead it focusses upon regular people, heroes in their situations, who helped others when they saw a need for it." --B&K Sports Magazine (translated from Swedish)

  • "True stories, submitted by readers, of everday acts of heroism and kindness performed by normal everyday people. It's a great antidote for all the bad news you see on TV and read in the newspaper every day." --Singing News

  • "More often than not, heroes are 'normal' people, not celebrities. Finding the stories of those individuals can be a difficult task when so much of what appears in newspapers and magazines focuses on well-known personalities. To assist you in this task, HeroicStories provides tales of local heroes; a free email newsletter is delivered three times per week." --Education World

  • "HeroicStories brings you true stories about everyday real people who step up to the challenge in times of human need. It's on my recommended reading list!" --Bob Rankin's Internet Tourbus

  • "Good business advice doesn't always show up in a business ezine. I've been subscribing for quite awhile to one of my favorite daily ezines, HeroicStories. Sign up for this one and you'll get a short true story about a 'regular guy or gal' acting as a hero. [They] are not about business per se -- or are they? Seems to me, anything that makes you or your employees a better person, stands to improve your business." --Azriela Jaffe's The Best Ideas in Business

  • "Okay, you've used all the stories in our Hot Illustrations books. You need more. You might consider a free email resource called HeroicStories." --Youth Specialties

  • "This is a brave new world, but are brave people still living here? The six o'clock news is filled with tragedy, sorrow, and depressing weather reports. Can anybody show me a sign that the human spirit still exists? [In] 'HeroicStories', you can read about real men and women who are doing genuinely nice things; start paying attention to the 'good guys.' They'll inspire us to be better people." --Lockergnome

  • "When you're having difficulty finding courage within yourself, look to others for the inspiring and unique ways our fellow humans display strength and heroism. HeroicStories is a free email newsletter providing stories of such heroes (and heroines) who display impressive courage in their so-called 'ordinary' lives. The newsletter comes out three times a week, and you are sure to find the roots of your own courage through the bravery of others."

  • "Tired of bad news? Sign up for the HeroicStories mailing list. Randy Cassingham collects stories sent in by readers, each featuring an 'everyday hero.' They have ranged from people who have stopped to help a disabled car on a dangerous night, to folks that rescued a Japanese child who had been sold to a farmer for $28. They come three times a week, and will restore your faith in humanity." --Newsletter of the Southeast Evaluation Association

  • "Before I get into continuing with laser printer technology, though, I wanted to share with you a wonderful, free service that everyone should sign up for. It is an email-based newsletter called 'HeroicStories.' It is an attempt to share with the world the stories of everyday heroism performed by real people. I urge you to subscribe just to check out the quality and heart of these wonderful stories. I am sure you will stay on as a regular subscriber." --South Central R*TEC Edlines

  • "Fantastic Stories: Launched May 1, 1999 it only took 10 days to get their 10,000th subscriber. HeroicStories has recently decided to syndicate their amazing content to newspapers for free, further expanding their readership. Subscriptions are, of course, free." --RecommendIt Entertainment Update [Actually, it was 12 days. -rc]

  • "List of the Month" --Benchmarks, Newsletter of the University of North Texas Campus Computing Department

  • "True tales of the insane fun to be found in mundane acts of beauty and truth by regular folks just like us." --Free Will Astrology

  • "Tired of hearing about how people did what we think is wrong (when they did it chances are they thought it was right, huh?)? HeroicStories brings you real stories of real people who do right when things go wrong."'s About Email

  • "The HeroicStories newsletter is fighting a lonely battle to counter the Dark Side by publishing true-life stories of folks who do the right thing."--TipWorld (PC Magazine)

  • "Are you tired of my smartass jokes? I know I am. Then, you should subscribe to a new mailing list called HeroicStories." --Jim Rosenberg's Monologue

  • HeroicStories has also been featured in Penny Pennington's Today's Thought.
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