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HeroTalk: the Readers Talk Back

We love your comments, and enjoy sharing them with other readers, but would you enjoy talking about the stories with others who have read them? Fortunately, there is a place to do that!

It's called HeroTalk.

It's an email discussion list for HeroicStories' readers to chat with each other in an open forum about our stories and the issues they raise. There are from zero to 10+ posts per day on the list, so there's also a "digest" version where all the day's posts arrive in a single email, to reduce your email load. Or you can read the messages directly on the Internet.

If you find this idea interesting, we hope you try it out, and we look forward to hearing from you at HeroTalk!

HeroTalk email access from your existing email address: send any email to

HeroTalk access via reading on the Internet here:

That address opens up in a new browser window. For web access, you must first register with Yahoo. You can then choose to have the list messages sent to you by email, or just read them via the Yahoo HeroTalk web site. If you register with Yahoo, you can read the archives of past discussions.

The HeroTalk Yahoo website is here:

There are, of course, some rules. Please take a moment to read them -- it helps things go more smoothly:

  • HeroTalk is a discussion area for readers of HeroicStories to talk about the stories, discuss the topics raised, and trade ideas about how to spread the concept to more readers. Postings on other topics should be taken to another forum. (Of course, this is not the forum for personal attacks or "flames" against other members, just thought we'd mention it.)
  • Do not post the stories to the list -- or stories from any other publication! Please respect the copyrights of all publications.
  • HeroTalk is set so that replies go to the entire list. With HeroicStories' worldwide readership, you'll likely see replies from people in several different countries, which is what makes it fascinating!
  • A handy feature: If you want to say something to a particular subscriber, please change your email's "To" address, and send your message only to that person. Thanks!
  • On a discussion list,  any particular topic may generate a lot of mail. A "high volume" of mail is relative: you might think three messages is a lot; others might be comfortable with more. For a lower mail volume, set your preference to "digest mode", here: . In this mode, each day you will get one email containing all the day's postings, whether it was one posting or 20.
  • If you're not familiar with email discussion lists, a great primer on courteous list practices is available from Adam Engst's TidBITS publication: Part One and Part Two.

Welcome aboard! We hope you find the HeroTalk discussions interesting and helpful.

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