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Welcome to the

HeroicStories Fall 2007 Fundraiser

Tom in Wisconsin, HeroicStories Treasurer since 2004 writes:

Did you notice that we are now reaching more than 40,000 readers in 118 countries? Congratulations, Joyce, and thank you.

In honor of HeroicStories reaching that milestone, I want you -- our Co-conspirators -- to do three things today.

First: Make a difference in someone's life. If you need inspiration, think of something you liked in one of our stories and do that.

Second: Recommend HeroicStories to some friends. Make it easy by sending them this link:

Third: Become a supporting partner in our mission to make the world a better place. We need your financial support. (See links below.)

As Treasurer, I know all about our expenses. We have no employees or payroll, but we try to pay a small stipend to our editors, our publisher, our webmaster, and the others who make this possible. We have other costs as well, and they all add up.

Our advertisers help. We earn a little money when you buy HeroicStories books or pins, or order books from through the link on our site. But our greatest support comes directly from you -- when you respond to an appeal like this.

People from all over the world tell us an issue of HeroicStories is the highlight of their email. I understand. When I see a new HeroicStories, I have to decide whether to read it immediately. Like that tempting piece of chocolate, I rarely resist for long. The difference is that I can devour HeroicStories, enjoy it, and still share it with others.

We want to continue sharing the true stories you send us -- stories of gratitude, hope, relief, surprise, and joy -- with our 40,000 current subscribers, and to reach many more readers. You can help.

If every reader sent US$3, we could cover our budget, and I could pay off all the overdue bills sitting here on my desk.

Yet we realize that for some of our Co-conspirators, $3 is a lot of money. So for those of us in places where $3 is a cup of coffee, your extra support will help those Co-conspirators to receive HeroicStories.

So please, PLEASE, click through on our links below, and help support HeroicStories. You'll find PayPal, Kagi for any credit card, and a mailing address for checks or money orders.

We appreciate every dollar of your support, and put every donation toward our continued work.

As Treasurer, I thank you.

Tom Gauthier
And Co-Conspirator to Make the World A Better Place

Join our Other Contributors:

Please contribute today by check, money order, credit card, or PayPal. Just use the buttons below, or, of course, regular mail.

Send funds via PayPal. Just click on the PayPal button, fill in whatever amount you wish, and complete the transaction via this free and secure payment service.

Check or Money Order
Please make payable to "HeroicStories", in US dollars, and send to:

PO Box 55213
Seattle WA 98155-0213


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