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HeroicStories Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I missed an issue, can you resend it?
Where can I find a copy of issue number ___?

We don't keep a full archive of all our issues online, however here are some options that may help you:

  • The six most recent issues are available here.
  • There are both sample issues and special issues on our site which you can find via the full site map.
  • We've published two books of stories, which you can learn more about here

I stopped getting HeroicStories, but I didn't unsubscribe...what happened?

Particularly due to recent virus activity, there are several potential causes. We've set up a separate page, Unsubscribes & Viruses, that discusses this in more depth.

Remember, you can always read the six most-recent issues via the rolling archive here.

How do you know the stories are true?

Good question. Such a good question, in fact, that we've devoted a page to the answer: click here.

What's this "Co-conspirator" thing? Can I be one?

The concept emerged from an email conversation between people in Oklahoma, England, and Washington state.

The idea was to create a phrase which describes what we're trying to do here at HeroicStories...and what so many people of good will are doing around the world, in thousands of ways.

So many people are working at so many good projects -- they just get reported less by the media than the bad news.... So we miss grasping the understanding that the dominant, the greatest, most plentiful actions around us, are people working to improve life for all.

The role of HS is to report on those efforts, especially the efforts of individuals. (You can read more in our manifesto).

So we are all.... "Co-conspirators to make the world a better place."

And yes, you can be one too. In fact, you probably already are.

May I add "Co-conspirators to make the world a better place" as a signature to my email?

Please do! Please include the HeroicStories website URL ( as well.

Please add me to your mailing list.

It's easy to subscribe to HeroicStories by using the subscription box at the bottom of this page. (You'll be required to "confirm" your subscription by replying to an automated email, so look for that email, and be sure to reply to it.) Welcome aboard!

Please remove me from your mailing list.

Because our automated subscription process gives every subscriber a unique identifying number, we can't unsubscribe you from here. The very end of every issue says "Simply send any message" to: [your unique unsubscription address]. If you'll look for that address and click on it, most mail programs create a new email for you. Simply send that email, and your address will be unsubscribed -- no matter what address you send that message from. Thanks for your help.

There's more information on changing your HeroicStories subscription here.

How can I advertise in HeroicStories?

Advertising in HeroicStories is easy and cost-effective. And it works! You can find all the information here.

When we don't run ads, HeroicStories is sponsored by contributions from our readers. You can see what that's all about here.

How can I help promote HeroicStories?
May I link to the HeroicStories website?

You most certainly may link to us! In fact, we've put together a few banners and buttons and some example HTML to make it easy here.

We've also collected several great ideas from our readers on how they've been "spreading the word" about HeroicStories here.

May I have your permission to reprint a HeroicStories story?

If you represent a newspaper or magazine, you may get HeroicStories for your publication, by following our rules. All the information is here.

If you have a different use in mind, just drop the publisher a line describing what you'd like to do. The publisher's contact information is on our contact page.

Now that I'm a subscriber, will you sell my email address?

Never! We hate spam at least as much as you do! It wouldn't be "heroic" to help more of it to be sent out. Our privacy policy has been on our site since the beginning, and it's iron clad.
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