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HeroicStories Book Collections

Click here for online ordering.

The stories our authors tell are timeless. And we're constantly asked if we plan book compilations of the best stories. We're happy to announce there are now two volumes in what we expect will be a long line of books from HeroicStories. Royalties from the book sales are paid to HeroicStories to help fund our free email and newspaper distribution.

Such incredible, timeless stories demand quality books. We specify non-petroleum ink to help reduce chemical use, and acid-free paper to help prevent yellowing of the pages. They're "trade" (high-quality) paperbacks with stay-flat, laminated, four-color covers. The books measure 5.5x8.5 inches, and are 160 pages long. Each volume is just US$11 per copy -- See below for special quantity pricing.

One of the best things about HeroicStories is the feedback from readers, so most of the stories include feedback from our online readers. The stories in themselves are often very thought-provoking. Reading other points of view helps to deepen their meaning. You'll want to come back to these wonderful true stories about real people again and again -- and share them with your kids. These books will restore your faith in humanity story at a time.

Thanks much for supporting HeroicStories with your book purchase. Our secure online store accepts credit/debit cards, Paypal, or will format an order form for you to print and mail with a check or money order.

For large quantities (20 copies or more -- for readers with a retail store, or just a large gift list!), a 25 percent discount is available.

To see the books' covers and a complete list of story titles and author names, click here.

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